DriverFacts is a third-party administrator for Danny Herman Trucking
to provide the requestor driver work history information.
This chart shows the categories of data available from
Danny Herman Trucking, Mountain City, TN when requesting a Work History.
Although the carrier provides these categories, some individuals may not contain all data elements due to missing information from the carrier.
  Records Available: Past & Current
  Work History: Dates, Separation Status, Separation Reason, Driver Status, Position, Rehire Status
  Accident Information: Yes, 5 Years
      DOT Reportable: Yes
      NON-DOT Reportable: No
      Preventable: Yes
      Current Driver: Yes
  Performance & Skills: Yes
  Under Contract Information: No
  Driver Rebuttals Yes
  Income or Payroll Information No

Questions? Please call 888-844-4730 x82 or Email
Salary information is not available from DriverFacts. Please contact the carrier.

If you would like to have DriverFacts as your third party administrator service to process incoming driver work history requests for you, please email
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